To improve maintenance efficiency and to support cost reductions, we offer pre-planning consulting on all aspects of integrated logistics support. At Plurax, LLC, our Integrated Logistical Support Division is an emerging force in supply chain management, deployment, training, acquisition, storage, distribution, maintenance, evacuation, and disposition. We offer a disciplined and structured approach, highlighting actions to define, analyze, and quantify logistics support requirements and to influence design for logistics support analysis.

We contribute our expertise in the improvement of maintenance efficiency and support cost reductions by pre-planning all aspects of integrated organization support. Plurax’s competencies in logistics analysis, planning, acquisition logistics, lifecycle management, and integrated logistics allows us to provide excellent support at the government or program level. More specifically, we offer the following integrated logistical support services, to include:

  • Supply and value chain management
  • Deployment logistics
  • Logistics training services
  • Logistics management and support
  • Shelf stocking/warehouse management