All members of our leadership team are experienced professionals, bringing many years of direct support to all types of federal buildings and military installations. They are trusted and respected throughout the industry for their knowledge, experience, and skillsets. Our dedicated leadership recognizes and understands how to proficiently address a customer’s needs and requirements.

We have equipped our team members with support and resources, so they are prepared to use their technical expertise to understand each customer’s requirements while applying the right solutions. Our team members adapt so that we can do more, better, and faster—and at a lower cost.

At Plurax, we are driven by building a service culture, and our commitment to customer satisfaction is unparalleled. We believe in creating added value by investing in our people through enhanced training, educational development, and mentorships. We believe that the only way to maintain our high standards for consistency, continuity, productivity, and quality is to hire, educate, and retain good people.



As a small disadvantaged business concern, Plurax has been diligent to shore-up its competitive position in the federal construction market by acquiring the requisite certification and qualification vehicles. These vehicles enable us to collaborate efficiently with contracting representatives to facilitate Plurax supplying contracting services and solutions to federal agencies.

Our certifications include the following:



Strategic Alliances

In 2017, Plurax entered into a Small Business Administration (SBA) Mentor-Protégé Agreement with Construction Development Services, Incorporated (CDSI). This agreement combines the nimbleness of an emerging business (Plurax), with the ingenuity and stability of a recognized federal operative (CDSI).


Plurax welcomes and encourages all possible partnering opportunities with architectural/engineering firms, prime contractors, and specialized subcontractors.